Why Choose Us?

Because we sell the No.1 best-selling and best quality outdoor/indoor laser Christmas lights projectors in the World!




Forget about ever having to do that dreaded chore of putting up Christmas lights ever again. Getting out into the frigid cold weather, and climbing up that ladder to put those tangled up lights is a pain. Stop torturing yourself with hours of work, there’s a better solution…. Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights Projectors! All you have to do is plug it in, stick in the ground, and light up your entire home. It’s really that simple.

We sell the latest and greatest in the laser technology market, and use some of the most advanced laser modules in the World. Our outdoor laser Christmas lights projectors are truly unique and more dazzling than any other product on the market. The internal components that we use are of very high quality and are beyond anything else out there. Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices and poor quality knock offs that die out in weeks and freeze up in cold weather or overheat in hot weather. Our laser light projectors are built to last. No other company will show you the internal components that they use for their projectors, but we will!... So you can be confident that you are receiving a high quality laser projector.


We are a Canadian company, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. We specialize in high-tech photo-voltaic technology. We manufacture and distribute a full range of small and medium-power diode-pumped lasers, including green laser wavelength of 532nm 520nm, power from 20mw to 10w; wavelength 650nm / 635nm /637nm/ 638nm red laser, power from 100mw to 4w; and the wavelength of 473nm / 465nm / 445nm/405nm blue laser, power from 50mw to 30w. We also provide RGY, RGB series IPL laser products; Stage lighting, professional show systems, projectors with laser control software, optical lenses and so on.

We love what we do, and we are experts in our industry and product. Our laser projectors, although have been marketed towards the holiday lighting market, our projectors can have multiple uses in multiple industries, like landscape lighting, theme parks, banquet halls, sporting events, weddings, and parties. Our products have been widely used in scientific research, industrial measurement and inspection, medical equipment, entertainment industry and other fields. OEM or ODM design requirements are also supported.

We are continuously investing more time into research and testing to better improve our laser light projectors to ensure we are providing the best possible product. Our customers are from all over the World, and we take pride in taking care of our customers, and knowing that our customers have a 100% satisfaction rate.

Be ready to amaze your neighbors and friends and family this year with dazzling outdoor laser Christmas lights projectors lighting up your home this Holiday. Our projectors can also be used for indoor decorative purposes as well.

Welcome to the future of Christmas lights decoration.