Starry White Laser Outdoor/Indoor Laser Christmas Lights Projector - Moving Pattern

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Starry White Laser Outdoor/Indoor Laser Christmas Lights Projector - Moving Pattern
  • 2yr warranty laser light projectors
  • 3 yr warranty laser light projectors

Amazing Home and Landscape Laser Christmas Lighting

Be the envy of all your neighbours


  • ***Brand New*** model, very powerful white laser projector with additional colors available as well.
  • Has seven different colour changes: White only, Red only, Green only, Blue only, Yellow only, Teal only, Pink only.
  • Plastic casing gives protection against any damage from wear & tear and outdoor weather.
  • This projector is so robust, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. For indoor purposes you simply detach the stake from the main unit, and you can use its stand to angle the projector anyway you wish.
  • 100% Waterproof. Can withstand against the coldest winter temperatures up to -40 degree Celsius.
  • Has coverage up to a maximum of 5000 sq ft.
  • Has a timer setting so you can automatically turn it on and off as to your preference.
  • Everything can be controlled by remote.
  • Stunning twinkle effect, and you can control the speed of the flash.
  • It has a dazzling Moving starry night pattern effect, non-static. It can also be set to static mode.
  • Easy to use and install outdoor. Just plug and stick in the ground.
  • This laser model is not available for sale in Canada.



  1. Professional grade ABS plastic.
  2. IP65 weather resistant, approved by professional lab.
  3. Portable and easy to install.
  4. Toughened glass cover, non breakable and has a high rate of light transmission.
  5. Professional laser module, with our own unique housing design, for perfect heat dissipation.
  6. Up to 8,000 hours is the expected lifetime.
  7. RF remote controller, has a 433MHz signal carrier, and a modulated wireless remote. 
  8. Controller with 10 keys to control colors, timer, setting, timing, motion, flashing speed, and power on/off.
  9. Remote control distance up to 30-60 ft.
  10. UList cable is weather resistant, strictly sealed at the rear of the projector.
  11. It comes with a 1.5 meter length cable. *4.5 meter extension cable is sold separately if needed.